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<   No. 1963   2008-06-11   >

Comic #1963

1 Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals: CHOO'RE THE FIRST BLOKE IN 'IST'RY WOT'S DIED LIKE THAT.
2 Me: What?! Surely not. There must be hundreds of others.
4 Me: {flashback to strip #1800} Well, this is it. The moment you've all been waiting for. The character who is going to die is...
4 [sound]: {flashback} Knock! Knock!
5 Me: {flashback} {answering door, revealing the mysterious unnamed assassin is actually Me!} You! But what...? how...?
6 [sound]: {flashback} {Me stabbing Me viciously with a long, curved blade} SPLATCH!
7 Me: But why would I go back in time to try to kill myself?
8 Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals: SEARCH ME, GUV. YOU'S THE ONE WOT DID IT.

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Ah, finally, the mystery of strip #1800 is revealed.

Yes, I was shocked too.

And yes, this comic was very complex to make.

2019-05-19 Rerun commentary: In particular, I had to recreate the poses from panels 3 and 4 of strip #1800, but viewed from a different camera position. I think I got them reasonably well, but there are some inconsistencies if you look carefully.

I think this may be the first time you can see my neighbours' apartment front door, across the hallway. Our current neighbours coincidentally have a black toy poodle, just like me! Here they are together:

Luna and Scully

My dog Scully is on the right, and the neighbours' Luna is on the left. They're almost twins, but you can definitely tell the difference. Scully's fur is deep blue-black, while Luna's is more a very dark grey with a brownish tint. They are best friends and love to play together. They're both quite the little "teenage" doggy rebels: Scully is wearing her denim collar, and Luna's pendant hanging off her collar - though it's edge on in this photo - is a skull and crossbones.

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