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<   No. 1968   2008-06-16   >

Comic #1968

1 Ponsonby: So now what?
2 Wendy: We be needin' the key. Only Cap'n Long Tom Short might be knowin' where that be.
3 Ponsonby: You're not saying you want to rescue him from the cannibals?
4 Wendy: Nay! I be sayin' you be wantin' to be rescuin' him! {points pistol at Ponsonby}

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Ah yes. I wonder what's been happening to the other pirates...

2019-06-08 Rerun commentary: Wendy's been holding that pistol the whole time. I went back through the previous strips, hoping I hadn't done the old disappearing/reappearing item thing that you sometimes see in movies with poor shot-to-shot continuity. But I hadn't!

My favourite continuity error in a movie is from Thunderball, in the scene where James Bond and Felix Leiter are in a helicopter, inspecting the underwater hiding place of the missing bomber. Felix is wearing shorts in one shot, then the shot changes and he's wearing long pants. Then it changes again and he's back to wearing shorts.

I like to think that Felix actually brought a change of pants and quickly changed them in between shots while flying the helicopter. And then decided he liked the shorts after all, and changed back again.

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