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<   No. 2088   2008-10-14   >

Comic #2088

1 Long Tom: What be ye meanin', the British be knowin' all about time travellin'?
2 Ponsonby: All the greatest time travellers in history have operated primarily in Britain. H.G. Wells. Roger/Francis Bacon. The Doctor.
2 Long Tom: Who?
3 Ponsonby: Exactly. Jack the Ripper. Merlin. Isaac Newton. Leonardo da Vinci.
4 Long Tom: Leonardo! He nay be British!
4 Ponsonby: Oh? Are you sure?

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Unfortunately the time traveller from H.G. Wells' classic novel The Time Machine doesn't have a name, otherwise I would have used him. But implying that H.G. Wells himself was a time traveller is still pretty cool. (And was used as the basis of the film Time After Time - which also had Jack the Ripper travelling through time. (Wells also appeared as a time traveller in several episodes of Lois & Clark... (And the Colin Baker-era Dr Who story TimeLash. (And Jack also appeared as a time traveller in Babylon 5, of all things.))))

And Roger and Francis Bacon, really. Two guys who lived centuries apart, both of whom had mystical and occult connections and are surrounded by numerous conspiracy theories, and with the same last name? Come on... he didn't even bother to change his surname when he flipped back and forth across time? (Not to mention that he kept his name again when he came to the present era, changing his first name to Kevin...)

2020-08-01 Rerun commentary: Merlin is of course well known for travelling backwards in time. (Also mentioned in strip #3699, which, appropriately enough, occurs after this one.)

And Leonardo just goes without saying.

So I won't say.

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