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<   No. 2204   2009-02-07   >

Comic #2204

1 Jane Goodall: Hey! Get your hands off that chimp, young lady! Who in hell do you think you are?!
2 Woman: Watch it, you old goat! I'm the world's foremost expert on primates.
3 Jane Goodall: Oh, I don't think so. Just who are you?
4 Woman: Oh, I do think so. I'm Dr Jane freakin' Goodall!

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I decided that I have enough Lego monkeys that one of them could make the ultimate sacrifice and lose its tail, so that it could become a chimpanzee, for scenes where Jane Goodall interacts with chimps. Previously I've just hand-waved away the fact that the "chimps" all had tails.

I did the deed with a pair of heavy-duty pliers and trimmed with a craft knife.

Evolution does not work like this in real life, by the way.

2021-09-11 Rerun commentary: Huh. I wonder where that modified monkey/chimp is now. I guess it's in the storage box with the other monkeys, but I haven't noticed it for several years now.

Notice the subtle "Who in hell" joke in the first panel?

And so here's an interesting question: If you came across your younger self, would you immediately recognise yourself? How young would your younger self need to be before you didn't recognise them?

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