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<   No. 2217   2009-02-20   >

Comic #2217

1 Receptionist: See you next time. Goodbye. Well, you can call us when you decide.
1 Head Death: I'm here to see the Head Paradox.
2 Receptionist: Will you need an appointment for your next visit?
2 Head Death: I already have an appointment. For now.
3 Receptionist: Thank you. Very well.
3 Head Death: Huh?
4 Receptionist: Are you paying by cheque or credit card? That will be $350.
4 Head Death: I hate you guys.

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Sometimes trying to make an appointment for various things feels a bit like this.

2021-10-24 Rerun commentary: Seeing this come up for a rerun annotation actually reminded me to call my dentist for a routine checkup appointment - which I just did right now before starting to write this.

Fortunately the reception there is much more comprehensible than the Paradox Department.

By the way, you can tell this comic has aged from when it was made. I don't think anybody pays for anything with cheques any more.[1]

[1] At least not outside the USA, which is an odd outlier. From what I understand from what I see on the Internet, it seems that cheques (or "checks" in US English) are still in relatively common use in the USA. Cheques have pretty much died out completely in the rest of the world.

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