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<   No. 2259   2009-04-03   >

Comic #2259

1 [caption]: Jamaica, 1652:
1 Governor: Well Wendy, here we are. A five-year posting as Governor of Port Royal.
2 Wendy: I hear there are pirates in these waters, father.
3 Governor: There may well be, but you can bet there won't be once my men get to work cleaning the place up!
4 Wendy: But piracy is so romantic.
4 Governor: Don't be silly! What's romantic about it?
4 Wendy: The way they talk!

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Being a pirate was actually a pretty awful and non-romantic job, when you think about it.

But at least you got to travel.

2022-02-18 Rerun commentary: Ohhhhh... Now I remember what I was doing here (see my brief confusion in the previous rerun commentary). With the universe having restarted, all of the themes are now showing origin stories, of how the characters first met, began their careers, ended up in their places of adventure, and so on.

It was a pretty neat idea, now that I remember what I was doing!

In this strip, there's a background photo showing a beach and coastline, to set the scene properly behind the Lego elements. I recognise that photo - one I took on Lord Howe Island on a trip in 2003.

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