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<   No. 2526   2009-12-26   >

Comic #2526

1 Lambert: Will you join us on our righteous quest?
1 Ghost: What quest is that?
2 Lambert: To cross the Orcrift Mountains into the Swamp of Terror and so to the Golden Citadel to inquire of the Great Dragon Sage Ardaxar...
3 Lambert: ... the whereabouts of the missing Ruby of Dwarven Might from the ancient and shattered arcane Crown of Power, so we can...
4 Lambert: ... um... get a big reward from the Duke.
4 Ghost: Mmm-hmm. Very righteous.

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It's always a pain using different fonts in this comic, because the default font I chose is very legible at the quite small default type size, and almost without exception any fancier font I want to use needs to be made larger just so you can read it. Which eats up a lot of the dialogue space.

If you weren't aware, by the way, technically a font refers to a particular size and style of typeface, a typeface being the entire collection of sizes and styles. So "Arial, 10 point, Roman" or "Arial, 12 point, italic" are fonts, whereas "Arial" is a typeface. Not that anyone cares much about the distinction any more except for typographical enthusiasts.

2023-11-22 Rerun commentary: A thing I could have done here to save some sapce is move the lines of the ghost knight's dialogue closer together vertically. Photoshop has text formatting tools for this, but I don't know if I considered that for this strip.

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