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<   No. 2769   2010-08-26   >

Comic #2769

1 Jamie: A giant frog? What's that doing here?
1 Head Paradox: Ribbit.
1 Adam: I don't...
2 Adam: ...aaargh... <gurgle>!
3 Jamie: And now it's jumped down your throat?! But it's bigger than your mouth! That's a logical impossibility!
4 Jamie: In fact... some sort of paradox.
4 Adam: <choke>!

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It was a little bit tricky stuffing the frog down the mouth of the Adam minifigure.

On a completely different note, I learnt today (as I write this annotation, which was about 3 months ago by the time this will be published) that there are rumours of a new Doctor Who movie in the works, and that Johnny Depp was being rumoured to star as the Doctor. I've done a little bit of research, and it seems that the Johnny Depp rumour has already been discredited, but not before stirring a large amount of negative, and even hostile, reaction from fans.

I must confess that I don't really understand why fans of some works of fiction become so upset by even the idea of a new version of the fiction being made.

I am a Doctor Who fan. I grew up with the original series beginning from the Jon Pertwee era, and I followed it through until partway through the Colin Baker era, when I didn't have enough time to keep up. I caught the odd episode from then on, into Sylvester McCoy territory. And I was excited by the movie starring Paul McGann, until I watched it and found it disappointing. Now I'm keenly enjoying the latest series incarnation.

My first thought about Johnny Depp starring in a new movie version is that it would be interesting, and potentially very cool. Sure, it could also be really bad. But the point is, we won't know unless it goes ahead (which it seems it won't, in fact, at least not with Johnny Depp).

I'm sure plenty of people will complain that "Johnny Depp isn't the Doctor!!" You know what? Neither was Tom Baker. Neither was David Tennant. I remember clearly the time when Jon Pertwee left the series, and this ridiculous Tom Baker idiot came in, pretending to be the Doctor, with his ludicrous big hair, and stupid scarf, and zany attitude - none of which were characteristics of the Doctor I knew and was comfortable with. I guess you get my point.

Yes, Johnny Depp is nothing like the Doctor we know and love - none of them. But the Doctor is almost defined by being reinvented by each new actor who plays him. Depp's not British - but the Doctor's not either, he's Gallifreyan. I don't really see Britishness as a prerequisite for a regeneration.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Depp would be an awesome Doctor. I'm just saying that if he were to star as the Doctor, he should be given the chance to show if he can pull it off. Maybe he can't and it will suck. But that is not a reason to say he should never be given the chance. If you try to stop anything being done because it might be bad, then you're stifling the creativity that leads to great new works and interpretations of fiction. Fans of a fictional work should rejoice at every new interpretation that is being considered, or being made. Otherwise you risk throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Furthermore, even if some project goes ahead, and it does turn out to suck, what have you lost? Nothing. The existence of the Paul McGann movie, while disappointing and not worthy of the rest of Doctor Who, does not invalidate or destroy all the other Doctor Who that has been made. If you don't like it, you can close your eyes and ignore it.

Creative work is difficult. You have to take risks. You must take the risk that you will produce something that sucks, otherwise you'll never produce the good stuff.

I'm also a big James Bond fan. Lots of people said Daniel Craig was the wrong choice and would suck. I wanted to see what he could do.

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