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<   No. 2779   2010-09-05   >

Comic #2779

1 Yeti: So, that's settled then. We just need to travel to Berlin. Tally ho!
2 Jane Goodall: So what, we just hitch a ride with a friendly passing Luftwaffe pilot?
3 Yeti: No! In this timeline, Britain built the R102 and R103 airships! They're based at the Cardington Airship Works. We commandeer one!
4 Yeti: And by "commandeer" I mean "steal".
4 Steve: Oooooh!

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Britain had an airship program in the 1920s and 30s. Their fleet consisted of the R100 and R101, with plans to build more ships including at least the R102, R103, and R104. These were ships designed to span the vast distances between the reaches of the British Empire, from Canada, to India, to Australia.

Alas (in our timeline), the R101 crashed disastrously in France in 1930, killing 48 of the people on board - more than died in the more famous Hindenburg disaster. Folowing this crash, the R100 was decommissioned and the plans for the R102 and later ships were scrapped.

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