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<   No. 28   2003-02-17   >

Comic #28

1 GM: Here's the new minis for Serron and Spanners.
2 Serron: {now a dog-like alien} All right!
2 Spanners: {now a green mantis alien with a big gun} Fear my exoskeleton!
3 Iki Piki: {to Serron} You're wearing that in a science fiction setting? Serious lack of fashion sense.
4 Serron: {points out Iki Piki's blue, green, and yellow look} Look who's talking, lurid-boy.

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2011-12-01 Rerun commentary: And here, by the convenient expedient of having me talk directly to the characters, we get the names of Serron and Spanners.

Serron in the real life roleplaying game was indeed played as overly concerned with fashion. There was one memorable adventure in which they parked their spaceship in orbit about a planet with strict laws regulating visitors. All off-worlders had to wear blue jumpsuits while on the planet, so they could be easily identified. Serron objected purely on the grounds that the jumpsuits were an affront to his fashion sense, and stayed on board the ship, refusing point blank to go down to the planet.

And yes, in the game, Serron did wear a fez, so you can just tell his fashion sense was highly developed.

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