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<   No. 2830   2010-10-26   >

Comic #2830

1 Yeti: We're flying over the Channel.
2 Steve: Have a guernsey at that!
3 Terry: What is it?
3 Steve: Guernsey!
4 Jane Goodall: Oh good grief.
4 Steve: No need to get Sarky.

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Yeah, okay, this one is probably a lot funnier if you know the Australian slang.

Also if you know that Guernsey and Sark are islands in the English Channel.

And ignore the fact that anyone flying from London to Berlin almost certainly wouldn't be flying over the Channel Islands.

Sark, by the way, has a fascinating history. Apparently in 1990 a disgruntled French nuclear physicist tried to invade the island - all by himself. He arrived surreptitiously during the night and posted signs all over the island stating that he would take it over at noon on the next day. A bit before noon, the island's only police constable - a part-time volunteer - approached the strange Frenchman, who was sitting calmly on a bench changing the magazine in his gun, and arrested him.

The other odd thing about Sark is that up until its first democratic election in 2008, it was still governed under a system of feudalism. That's right, feudalism. As in kings and lords and peasants who work the land and aren't allowed to do anything without the permission of their lord. I'm not sure exactly how it worked on Sark, though I'm sure it probably involved the serfs being required to labour on the lord's land for 3 days each week, and serve 40 days a year in the lord's army as he lay seige to a neighbouring castle, and being legally free if they could escape and evade capture for a year and a day.

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