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<   No. 2955   2011-02-28   >

Comic #2955

1 {scene: Hitler's command room}
1 Steve: {emerging from behind the rows of cloned brains} Crikey! Did you hear that?! Hitler's going to betray the Russians!
2 Terry: I'm slightly more surprised that Hitler is a brain in a jar...
3 Steve: Crikey! I thought that must have been something that everyone knew.
3 Terry: You did?
4 Steve: I didn't want to say anything in case everyone thought I was ignorant.

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I'm sure many of you have had this experience, of hearing or seeing something that you think is a bit strange, but everyone around you just carries on naturally as if they've known about it for ages. So you just go along as well, not wanting to give the impression that this apparently common-knowledge thing is new to you.

And then you discover later that it really was weird, but that everyone else was goranully thinking the same thing as you and not wanting to draw attention to it.

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