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<   No. 2983   2011-03-28   >

Comic #2983

1 {scene: Berlin, 1940}
1 Terry: How can we possibly fix what's wrong with the time stream?
2 Jane Goodall: There must be research labs around here somewhere. Let's find them.
2 Terry: How will that help?
3 Jane Goodall: Nazi science sneers at the space-time continuum.
4 Jane Goodall: We're going to wipe the sneer off its face.

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Unfortunately the LEGO Yeti only has articulated arms. Its legs don't move, so it's tough to show it walking. I have to do tricks like this to hide its legs.

This is similar to what Gerry and Sylvia Anderson did with the supermarionettes in Thunderbirds. They do walk in a couple of the episodes, but they look so stupid when they do that most of the scripts were written and filmed so that you never see the marionette legs when they move, or they avoid walking altogether. This is why there are so many weird personal vehicles that they ride around on, rather than walking.

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