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<   No. 3103   2011-07-26   >

Comic #3103

1 Alvissa: Mordekai, where did you get that big red gem on your belt?
1 Mordekai: I inherited it from my great aunt Felicity.
2 Alvissa: Where did she get it from?
2 Mordekai: Her grandmother Esther.
3 Lambert: "Booried oonder toons o' rooble noo."
3 Alvissa: And where did she get it from?
4 Lambert: "Toons o' rooble." Ho ho!
4 Dwalin: Shoot ut! {translation: Shut it!}
4 Mordekai: Well, family legend says she had a torrid affair with the Lord of the Mines of Dwergenberg...
4 Alvissa: A-ha!

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I had to use the winning name from this poll somewhere. It was never actually my intention to do so, but after someone on the forums said they were looking forward to a new character named Felicity, well, I had to.

I actually wanted to call Mordekai's great aunt "Polly", to make the joke, but I figured using Felicity was more important. And I can mention the alternative here in the annotation anyway.

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