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<   No. 3186   2011-10-17   >

Comic #3186

1 Caption: Tranquility Base: The RPG
1 GM: OK, so you've got past the negative space wedgie, but it made you go slightly off course.
1 Barnaby: I check my sensors...
2 SFX: <<roll>>
2 GM: Eleven... and your sensor detect the engine signature of an Evilcorp Battlecruiser.
3 Barnaby: I use my communication dish to send a scrambled message to the fleet.
3 Felicia: You went off course, are you still in range?
4 GM: You're on the edge, you or the fleet may have drifted, better roll for signal strength.
4 SFX: <<roll>>
4 GM: Three, let me calculate... Ahh, the message won't get through.
5 Barnaby: Don't panic, I know just what to do... I summon bigger dish!
5 GM: *sigh* Wrong campaign, and wrong webcomic.

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Today's guest comic is by Louise Dade, author of Tranquility Base.

Her comic is about what life would be like on the moon if the space race had been won by someone other than the USA: the British! Of course they would have established a permanent base there, having all that experience in high tech science stuff as seen in documentaries like Blake's 7, The Tomorrow People, Thunderbirds, and of course Space 1999. The intrepid British pioneers have since made contact with the Galactic Federation, which just adds to the mayhem.

Tranquility Base has been running since 2007 and currently updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Like our last three guest strips, it's also a member of the Brick Comic Network.

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