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<   No. 3484   2016-04-21   >

Comic #3484

1 Alvissa: Dwarves are a "highly aesthetic race"?
2 Dwalin: Wutch it, elf. We ken ye like to fancy yeselves as bein' thuh moost highly refined race in civilisation. {translation: Consider your words wisely, elf. We know you regard yourselves the most highly refined race in civilisation.}
3 Dwalin: But we dwarves also take pains to ensoore oor constrooctions are visually pleasin'. {translation: But we dwarves also take pains to ensure our constructions are visually pleasing.}
4 Alvissa: Such as?
4 Dwalin: Cuttin' the heads off thuh orcs before moontin' them on oor walls! {translation: Cutting the heads off the orcs before mounting them on our walls!}

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The ongoing grudge between our resident dwarf and elf continues. Never miss the opportunity to score points against your buddy.

And yes, dwarves are aesthetic. It's just that dwarven aesthetics are different, you know.

(Also, my spellchecker doens't like the word "dwarven". Time to teach it a thing or two.)

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