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<   No. 3561   2016-11-24   >

Comic #3561

1 Adam: Apparently "loch" is Scots Gaelic for "lake". There are thousands of lochs in Scotland.
2 Adam: Loch Ness is the largest by volume and mean depth, but Loch Lomond has a bigger surface area.
3 Adam: The third deepest by mean depth is Loch Lochy, which basically means "Lakey Lake".
4 Adam: Ooh, there's a Loch Loch as well!
4 Jamie: "Lake Lake"?
4 Adam: I bet Luke Luck likes to lick it.

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We seem to have a bit of a lake theme going at the moment.

Loch Lochy is in fact situated not far from Loch Ness, both lakes being long, narrow bodies of water running along the Great Glen, which is a long and ridiculously straight valley running roughly north-east to south-west right across Scotland from one coast to another. Look at a map of Scotland. See the bit where it looks like someone sliced it with a knife, almost cutting it in two? That's the Great Glen. It's a geological fault, where the two halves of Scotland slid against one another a few hundred million years ago.

Between Loch Lochy and Loch Ness is Loch Oich, which is slightly more elevated than either of the first two. Loch Oich feeds water naturally into Loch Ness via the River Oich, and into both Loch Ness and Loch Lochy via the human-made Caledonian Canal.

You've now probably seen the word "loch" more times in the past two minutes than in any other year of your life. (Unless you're Scottish. Maybe.)

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