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<   No. 3746   2017-10-13   >

Comic #3746

1 Lambert: Why do you want to rob us?
1 Wizard Bandit: I'm a bandit. That's what bandits do.
2 Lambert: But you're a wizard!
2 Wizard Bandit: Wizards can be bandits!
3 Mordekai: Surely not.
3 Dwalin: Tha cannae be right. {translation: No way.}
3 Kyros: Unheard of.
4 Lambert: That does seem a bit odd.
4 Wizard Bandit: I bet Robin Hood never had to put up with this.

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Robin Hood is not merely a single mythical story, but is such an iconic character archetype that he's an entire literary trope. So much so that when Steve Jackson Games decided to publish a GURPS roleplaying treatment of Robin Hood, the resulting book detailed not just the classical Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest, but also five other Robin-Hood-like characters in settings including: Scottish resistance to 17th century British oppression; the Wild West; modern day superhero vigilantism; cyberpunk; and space-spanning science fiction. It sounds weird at first blush, but it's actually very cool.

"As long as a dashing and pure-hearted hero of the oppressed is fighting the oppressors in ways that only make them look foolish and evil, it might as well be Robin Hood."

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