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<   No. 3763   2017-11-13   >

Comic #3763

1 Lambert: We killed the bandit wizard, now what?
2 Mordekai: We loot the body. Everyone knows that. Second rule of adventuring.
3 Lambert: What's the first rule?
4 Mordekai: Do not go into the Tomb of Horrors.
4 Kyros: There's a place called the Tomb of Annihilation we should check out some time.

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Tomb of Horrors of course should by now be well known to loyal readers of Darths & Droids, if not this comic. It's a classic 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game adventure, first published in 1978. Although looked upon fondly through the lens of nostalgia by many, it's more in the "Ha ha, remember when all our characters got killed by that mercilessly unwinnable deathtrap of a dungeon?" sort of vein.

Not to be outdone by the past, Wizards of the Coast recently released an all-new adventure for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, named Tomb of Annihilation, which draws some of its background story inspiration from the original Tomb of Horrors. I won't say more here lest anyone reading this be destined to play through the Tomb of Annihilation in the future...

Except: Good luck!

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