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<   No. 3945   2019-03-08   >

Comic #3945

1 Death of Inadvisable Airlock Opening: IF YOU'RE QUITE READY...
2 Adam: Wait! We're trying to eat less red meat and more fruit and vegetables!
3 Death of Inadvisable Airlock Opening: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FOOD?
4 Adam: You would not believe how much Uber Eats charged us.

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For those reading this in the distant future, Uber Eats was a company that acted as a middle-man layer between food preparation businesses and customers who wanted the food delivered to their homes (or other places). Uber Eats would pick up your food order from a restaurant and deliver it to your door.

This business model allowed food preparation places to branch out from traditional high street restaurant locations to more out-of-the-way (and thus cheaper to rent) premises, including premises that have no tables or seating for walk-in customers but merely a kitchen. Like the people in one of the apartments in my block, who were apparently caught running an illegal food business from their apartment, using Uber Eats as the delivery service.

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