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<   No. 399   2004-02-28   >

Comic #399

1 Me: Oh man, another email telling me that Coruscant is actually physically plausible, and not as stupid as I make it sound.
2 Me: Time to take some drastic action.
3 {Scene change: Head Death's office}
3 Head Death: Ah, Being Impaled By A Javelin. Sit down.
3 Death Of Being Impaled By A Javelin: Yes, sir.
4 Head Death: I'm promoting you to Death Of Annoying The Cartoonist. A lot of work has come up for this position recently.

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The continuing saga of #386, #393, and #396...

Heh heh heh.

Working out how serious I am is left as an exercise for the reader.

2013-02-06 Rerun commentary: One thing about publishing stuff on the Internet is that you should never get angry at your readers. It doesn't matter what they say about your work, or how unjustified their criticisms may be, always receive it politely. Never write a rant about how they're taking things the wrong way or misinterpreting your words or are unappreciative of the hard work you've put in.

In these days of the Internet, it's incredibly easy for people to give feedback to authors. And hence incredibly easy for them to give negative feedback. But as a creator, you have to be hard-skinned about it and shrug it off.

You can take the criticisms and figure out if there is something at the heart of them that you'd like to address and perhaps change, or you can ignore them and create what you want to create regardless of the feedback. But either way, getting angry at the people giving the feedback is a bad idea. If you publish a rant against people criticising your work, you'll rapidly earn a reputation as a grumpy author who hates their fans. And that is not a good thing.

Especially don't hire supernatural hitmen to take out contracts on your readers. Consider this a warning.

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