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<   No. 4011   2019-06-10   >

Comic #4011

1 Lambert: Time for a travelling game. We name monsters starting with the next letter of the alphabet until someone can't think of one. I'll start: Ankheg.
2 Draak: Blink dog.
2 Dwalin: Carrion crawler.
3 Mordekai: Demogorgon.
3 Lambert: Shh! Don't say that!
3 Mordekai: What? Why?
4 Lambert: Saying the name of a Demon Prince can summon them from the Abyss!
4 Mordekai: Whose idea was this game again?

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These are all canonical Dungeons & Dragons monsters.

Some people might be more familiar with Demogorgon as the name of the monsters in Stranger Things, although these are unrelated apart from inheriting the name because the kids in the show were playing D&D and had an encounter with Demogorgon just before the action started happening.

I originally planned this strip to have Demogorgon appear behind Mordekai while he was saying "Don't be ridiculous". But unfortunately I only have zero Demogorgon miniature figures.

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