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<   No. 4257   2020-05-19   >

Comic #4257

1 Terry: We need to decide how to use all this donated money to help the animals.
2 Steve: We could buy land and convert it into animal habitat!
3 Terry: That’s not a bad idea.
4 Steve: I found this website that’s selling plots of land on the moon, real cheap!
4 Terry: On the other hand...

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I searched briefly for real websites that purport to sell plots of land on the moon, thinking maybe I could use one of them as the screenshot on Steve's computer. I found no shortage of such sites. But then I realised that I really didn't want to give them any publicity beyond writing here what scumbag sleazeball snake oil merchants they are. They fleece people out of money and offer no real product that anyone is legally entitled to sell.

So I found another web page which is somewhat topical and which I'm much happier about using. Even if it's almost impossible to tell what it is. If any reader can identify (a) the website, or better yet (b) the specific page, then I'll be somewhat impressed.

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