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<   No. 4413   2020-12-23   >

Comic #4413

1 Mate: The Caribs call these big storms huracans. It’s a local name for the more general weather phenomenon of tropical cyclones.
2 Mate: It’s like a much larger version of the tornado, which is a localised rotating windstorm.
3 Mate: Those have been known to suck up sharks and toss them all over.
4 Ponsonby: Lots of sharks in the Caribbean.
4 Mate: Yes, this could be a tropical sharklone.

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We've discussed huracans back when the pirates first saw the storm.

My original idea for this strip was to have the Mate refer to the possible Caribbean storm with bonus sharks as a sharkicane - of course playing off the infamous Sharknado movie series.

Only I did a web search and found, to my dismay, that this joke had already been made. Not only that, but people had already memified Sharkalanche, Sharkcano, and Tsharknami as well.

I pondered a sharkphoon, and was reminded that Wizards of the Coast had already essentially done this joke as well, in an official Magic: the Gathering expansion set, no less.

At this point I lamented to my friends, one of whom immediately suggested, "What about a tropical sharklone?" While there are a handful of hits for this, it hasn't yet been popularised like the others. So here we are!

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