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<   No. 4595   2021-09-03   >

Comic #4595

1 SFX: Whooosh! {a flaming Balrog manifests}
2 Balrog: Why bother me, impudent mortal?!
3 Kyros: See, it’s too scared to attack, even without the conjuring circle to confine it.
4 Balrog: Oh come on, who’d be stupid enough to summon me without the safety of—
4 Balrog: Whoa. Holy moly!

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I have to say it took me far too long to decide what typeface to use for the Balrog's speech. I was going through and selecting them all, and laughing at the sight of a Balrog speaking in the Garfield comic font, or schoolgirl handwriting with little hearts instead of dots over the 'i's.

I tossed up using some bolder all-caps comic style fonts, or a traditional book-style serif font such as Garamond.

In the end I went with Trajan Pro 3, for the imperious classical all-caps feel.

I had to make sure not to select too complicated a font specification file, lest it shall not parse.

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