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<   No. 5131   2024-02-12   >

Comic #5131

1 Lambert: It’ll be good to get back to civilisation.
2 Kyros: Oh, I wouldn’t call the Mystical City of Disfahar “civilisation”.
3 Lambert: Oh? Are they savages? Do they trade in slaves? Practise human sacrifice? Cannibalise foreigners??
4 Kyros: They use bacon instead of guanciale in their spaghetti carbonara. And they add cream.
4 Lambert: Oh! Barbarians.

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The most strictly traditional recipes for pasta carbonara call for just four ingredients: eggs, pecorino romano cheese, guanciale, and black pepper. Guanciale, which is cured pork cheek, can be difficult to find outside Italy, so many people substitute pancetta (cured pork belly) or bacon. Traditionalists consider pancetta a significant downgrade and bacon even more of a downgrade. Many non-Italians also add some cream to the sauce, another move highly frowned upon by Italian tradition. At that point, yeah, you may as well be considered a barbarian.

Alternate punchline:

4 Kyros: They use Thousand Island dressing instead of Russian dressing on their Reuben sandwiches.
4 Lambert: Oh! Barbarians.

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