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<   No. 654   2004-11-10   >

Comic #654

1 Kyros: {ignoring the angry mob of villagers who have not yet attacked} But this is impossible! There were plenty of sober and responsible villagers in the tavern last night!
2 Kyros: And the furniture and structure were thick oak planks. They couldn't catch fire without some sort of extremely volatile accelerant!
3 Kyros: What could possibly explain anyone getting that drunk and starting that difficult a fire?
4 GM: The local apple brandy.

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Those of you familiar with Terry Pratchett's Discworld books and scumble will have some idea of the potency of this particular brew of apple brandy...

2013-11-30 Rerun commentary: Interestingly, scumble is also a type of glaze painting technique used in oil painting.

Just be careful not to mix your oil paint with your apple brandy. Although in scumble's case, there might not be all that much difference.

Oh, and of course Kyros just happens to know about extremely volatile accelerants in an academic sense, not a practical one. *cough cough*

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