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<   No. 719   2005-01-14   >

Comic #719

1 Me: {drinking from a can decorated in a light green design} Mmmm... Wasabi Cola...
2 {scene: me typing at the computer, the can of cola on the desk}
3 Me: <buuur...uuurp>!!
4 Me: {face crunched up in agony} My nooose!!!

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If you've ever had too much fizzy drink, and if you've ever had too much wasabi, then you have some inkling of just how painful this combination is.

2014-02-14 Rerun commentary: Not to be outdone by any hypothetical weirdness, the Japanese company Ramune has indeed released a wasabi soft drink! There are several videos of people on YouTube trying it, although frankly none of them are terribly impressive or as dramatic as this comic. (This is probably the best, but one of the longest with three other flavours, including curry(!), tried first - the wasabi test starts around 5:15.) The actual drink seems to be fairly weak in flavour, and doesn't actually contain any real wasabi.

Clearly there is still a market niche to be carved out here...

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