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<   No. 796   2005-04-01   >

Comic #796

1 Head Death: {at his desk} Where's Death by Horrible Pun?
1 Death of Choking On A Giant Frog: He called in sick today.
2 Head Death: It better be serious.
2 Death of Choking On A Giant Frog: He said he was "deathly ill."
3 {silent beat}
4 Head Death: He would say that.

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It's a bit of a tradition in the webcomic community to do a strip swap on the 1st of April, so today's strip is by Dusan Jeftinija of Legostar Galactica, and I've reciprocated by doing his strip for today. (I've also mentioned Legostar Galactica before back in #770.)

Legostar Galactica has me in stitches sometimes. It's the ongoing adventures of a starship crew, vaguely parodying a fairly well-known "starship crew having adventures" TV and film franchise, but journeying into many other science fiction standbys along the way. Oddly enough, despite both making Lego-based webcomics that have been updating regularly since 2002, neither Dusan nor I knew of the other strip's existence until fairly recently. Having corrected that amazing oversight, I highly recommend his comic. (A small warning for those who appreciate Irregular Webcomic!'s family-oriented PG rating: Legostar Galactica is slightly more mature, using some mild cuss words and discreet adult situations, but nothing too harsh. More like PG-13.)

2014-05-15 Rerun commentary: Two comments today:

(1) Clearly Dusan used a very different lighting setup to what I normally used for photographing the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death. I went for lighting as diffuse as I could, from multiple sources, and bounced off the wall behind my set. Dusan seems to have a strong single light source positioned to the front right of the set.

(2) I had great fun making the linked swap strip for Legostar Galactica. A couple of points to note are that (a) Shauna has her old hairstyle, before the switch to the ponytail. This was because at the time I made the strip I had not yet caught up on the archives of Legostar Galactica, and hadn't actually reached the part of the story where she changes her hairstyle! I found this out soon afterwards, to my great embarrassment. And I was so proud of having reproduced her appearance so accurately too! And secondly (b), Marty looks disturbingly like he's naked in the viewscreen - but that's only because his epaulettes are yellow (the same colour as his skin).

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