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<   No. 799   2005-04-04   >

Comic #799

1 Steve: We'll 'ave to go to Africa to talk to Jane Goodall.
2 Terry: But Steve, you travelling there will violate three UN conventions!
3 Steve: Crikey Terry, everyone knows you can violate those at the drop of an 'at.
4 Steve: They're like the Romulan Neutral Zone!

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Ah, the good old Romulans. Did you know Star Trek has two Neutral Zones, one buffering the Federation from Romulan space and one from Klingon space? (What am I saying; if you're reading this, you're probably geeky enough to be answering, "Uh, yes," out loud right now.) I guess they figured if one Neutral Zone was good, two would be even better.

2014-05-19 Rerun commentary: There's also a Demilitarised Zone between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. This is really just yet another neutral zone, but I guess the treaty organisers had a thesaurus this time.

The other thing from Star Trek that you can violate at the drop of a hat is of course the Prime Directive.

If there's one thing to be learnt from all this it's the following: If you write absolutely inviolable laws into your fictional setting, it's a guarantee that one day your heroes will have to break them and then come up with an excuse for doing so.

Not that this is a bad thing - I'm just sayin'.

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