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<   No. 8   2003-01-28   >

Comic #8

1 Steve: Crikey! This croc's getting a bit stroppy!
2 Steve: 'e's getting loose! Terry, grab that cobra and give 'im a good whacking!
3 Terry: {grabs cobra} Like this?
3 Steve: Yeah! Bewdiful!
4 Me: Why do I watch this show?

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2011-11-08 Rerun commentary: And so we see the first crossover, combining Me and the Steve & Terry themes. The relationship between these in-comic universes is never really solidified. Here it's implied that Steve and Terry appear on a TV show that Me watches, yet much later on Me actually meets Steve and Terry. So they could be real people (as opposed to fictional TV characters) who live in the same universe as Me, implying (from the previous strip) that Me lives in a world where there are Allosauruses running around. Best not to think about it too much.

Also as in the previous strip, the background behind the LEGO baseplate set is just a blank white wall again.

This is the first use of the word "stroppy" in the comic. I used this because it's a typical Australian slang word that Steve might believably utter at this point. It never really occurred to me that it would become such a focus for foreign readers, who were simultaneously puzzled by the meaning and amused by the sound of it. To me, it's a perfectly normal word, and I use it in normal conversation (when the meaning is appropriate in context).

The Oxford, Collins, and Macquarie dictionaries are unanimous in saying that "stroppy" is probably an alteration of "obstreperous". It seems to have first appeared in the 1950s, and is used across British, Australian, and New Zealand English.

Yes, I have purple sofas - it's my wife's favourite colour. We have the same sofas now, but the upholstery has been replaced. It's now a stronger fabric that should last longer, but the colour is very similar.

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