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<   No. 832   2005-05-07   >

Comic #832

1 Steve: Crikey! So you deny tryin' to kill me?!
1 Jane Goodall: Yes!
2 Terry: Jane... a private word... {walks over so she can talk to Jane Goodall without Steve hearing}
3 Terry: We've been friends a long time, you can be honest with me. Did you do it?
4 Jane Goodall: Are you calling me a liar? I'm Jane freakin' Goodall!

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I'm amused that somebody apparently thinks the fact that Jane Goodall is a character in this comic is important enough to be worth mentioning in her biography on Wikipedia.

I have no idea if Jane even knows about Irregular Webcomic - and strongly suspect she has no idea - but I hope that if she did, she'd be as amused about it as she is about the famous Far Side comic.

And if you like my work and feel an urge to donate something, please consider sending some money to the Jane Goodall Institute, which is pretty much the official charity of IWC. Even if IWC is not the official webcomic of the Jane Goodall Institute. :-)

2014-06-26 Rerun commentary: I was preparing to write here that the reference to Irregular Webcomic! on Jane Goodall's Wikipedia page had long been removed, as being too trivial. But upon checking just now, I'm astonished to see that it is still there! Well, what do you know.

Also, since this comic was originally published I have since learnt that Jane was indeed aware of my humble comic, as she confirmed to me in person when I met her.

Actually... I wonder if could convince the Jane Goodall institute to make IWC the official webcomic of the JGI...

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