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<   No. 86   2003-04-20   >

Comic #86

1 Alvissa: So we're stuck in this dungeon for who knows how long. What equipment did you guys bring that might help?
2 Kyros: I carry a wand of fireballs and the Orb of the Ancients.
2 Mordekai: I have a +5 sword of sharpness and the Bow of Tambeskjelver.
3 Lambert: I wear mithril chain and wield the Dagger of the Hobbit Lords.
4 Alvissa: I knew it! Not one of you brought a change of underwear!

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Einar Tambarskelvar (a.k.a. Tambeskjelver, Tambarskjelve, etc., etc.*) was a real life Viking noble of the 11th century, and reputed to be a master bowman. Through some tricky political manouevring he managed to gain the rulership of all Norway.

That didn't stop Mordekai from somehow acquiring his bow, however.

* The ancient Norse weren't huge on spelling, particularly in English.

2012-02-07 Rerun commentary: I'm pretty sure neither the Orb of the Ancients nor the Bow of Tambeskjelver ever get mentioned again in the comic. At least in those names. The Orb is referred to several times, but only as "Kyros' orb". I guess Kyros is more important than these alleged "Ancients".

In retrospect, maybe I should have tried to weave these arcane artefacts into some huge background story arc, or something. Then I could talk about how I'd set it up all along!

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