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<   No. 910   2005-07-24   >

Comic #910

1 [caption]: ==Mythbusters== "Smoking is a health hazard"
2 Jamie: Today's myth is an interesting one, Adam: that "smoking is bad for your health."
3 Adam: Well, that's just stupid. I don't think there's any need to even test that one!
4 Jamie: I agree. This myth is busted.
4 Adam: Totally busted!
4 [caption]: {in tiny print} This episode of Mythbusters sponsored by Philip Morris Tobacco.

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Political? Moi?

This is the second dig I've had at Philip Morris in the history of this strip. I'll try not to make it a habit*. But next time you think a company like Disney or Microsoft is evil, spare a thought for Philip Morris.

* I can give it up any time I want. Really.

2014-09-25 Rerun commentary: To create the title card for the Mythbusters theme I made a semi-random texture (I forget how - probably some texture generation function in whatever graphics program I was using at the time), and then overlaid the text. The font is Mouth Breather by Blambot, the same one used for Draak's speech. It seems to have been removed from Blambot's own website, but you can download a copy from

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