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<   No. 945   2005-08-28   >

Comic #945

1 Dino Boy: {picking teeth with toothpick} Mmm... that fried chicken was good.
1 Worm Master: {lying on sofa watching Dino Boy and toying with a worm} Chickens evolved from dinosaurs, you know.
1 Refractive Man: {looking bored, leaning on the sofa} So now what do we do?
1 Captain Spatula: {reading a Parry Hotter book} Dunno. It's pretty quiet with the crime detecto-puter offline.
1 {TV in the background, out of any character's line of sight, shows a reporter and the caption: PLUTONIUM HIJACK}

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Unfortunately, it's been a long time since the last Supers strip because Real Life(TM) has intruded on Dean's ability to devote time to drawing these strips.

After sending me the image file for this strip, he offered me the original artwork, saying I might like to offer it as a prize for something. I turned his suggestion around and said he should sell it on eBay, and keep all the proceeds to help fund his chosen career of Struggling Artist. So, that's what we're doing!

The drawing is on a piece of 11x17 inch Bristol art board, and contains not only the original artwork for this strip, but also the next Supers strip which is yet to appear here!

So check out the eBay page and start bidding!

On a more normal trivia note, Dean informs me that the reporter seen on the TV screen in the background is Leeza Gibbons, for anyone wondering.

2014-11-05 Rerun commentary: I've removed the link to the art auction, since eBay no longer lists the item as current. I don't remember what it sold for, either. But you'll be happy to know that Dean has found more work in recent years and is still puttering along, drawing artwork for commissions which pay his bills.

I've only just figured out, literally a few seconds ago as I type this, that Dino Boy is sitting on an office chair with armrests.

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