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The Espionage Cast

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[James Stud]

James Stud

James Stud is secret agent 0x0A with the British Secret Service. He is sauve, debonair, sophisticated, and thinks he's a great ladies' man. He enjoys gambling, fine food and wine, wearing tuxedos, and occasionally saving the world from destruction.



Ñ is the head of the British Secret Service, and James Stud's boss. He disapproves strongly of Stud's womanising behaviour, his disregard for government property, his penchant for drinking and gambling, and, well, just about everything about him. He is an ex-naval admiral.



Ü is the head of Ü Branch, the British Secret Service's equipment and armoury division. He enjoys tinkering with all sorts of high-tech gadgets, as long as they don't involve Microsoft software. The last thing a spy needs in the field is a Blue Screen of Death.

[Miss Geltschilling]

Miss Geltschilling

Miss Geltschilling is Ñ's secretary. She is sick and tired of constantly being hit on by James Stud whenever he reports to his superior. She has been known to secretly remove the bullets from Stud's gun when he isn't looking, in the hope it will get him killed.

[Sylvia Ditch]

Sylvia Ditch

Sylvia Ditch is a woman of considerable means who often runs into Stud in casinos, restaurants, dry cleaners, and the occasional arch-villain's secret lair. She resists all his amorous advances, while somehow still giving the impression that she will succumb one day.

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