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The Martians Cast

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[The Martians]

The Martians

The Martians are a trio of evil, scheming aliens bent on invading Earth, enslaving humanity, and laying waste to the planet. Who knows why they don't like just living on Mars? Their plans for invasion and dominating the human race are not the best. Think of a cross between Marvin the Martian (Bugs Bunny's alien nemesis) and the Three Stooges...

[The Man in Black]

The Man in Black

The Man in Black is a shadowy government agent. His job seems to be intimidating people into denying that they have ever seen UFOs, encountered aliens, or in fact are aliens. He wears a black suit and dark sunglasses, and drives a big black van bristling with surveillance equipment. He likes to think this makes him inconspicuous.



Ishmael is a university science student who didn't believe in aliens until they started hassling him regularly, offering him medical research jobs, and generally getting in the way of having a rocking party time at university. He lives on campus in a room in Melville House.



Giuseppe owns and runs the local pizza place where Ishmael works as a delivery boy. He's Italian, from Naples, and a direct descendant of Alessandro Volta, inventor of electricity.



Elspeth is one of Ishmael's friends. She's not sure why.



Siobhan is one of Elspeth's friends, who she introduced to Ishmael. Siobhan is into board games and roleplaying games.

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