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The Shakespeare Cast

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[Will Shakespeare]

Will Shakespeare

Will Shakespeare is a tech writer, working for a modern day IT company. He would like to be a playwright, and tries to establish himself as such in his spare time, generally unsuccessfully. He was born in the English town of Stratford-on-Avon, in the year 1964, exactly 400 years after his commonly believed birthdate. He now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

[Mr Marlowe]

Mr Marlowe

Marlowe is Shakespeare's overbearing boss. He likes to spout corporate buzzwords to cover up his complete lack of understanding of what his business does or what his job is actually supposed to be. He thinks PowerPoint presentations are really nifty, and wishes he knew how to make them.



Ophelia is one of Shakespeare's co-workers - she works in the cubicle next to him. She is a helpless romantic and attracted to creative and artistic types...



Mercutio is the office's system and network administrator. He occupies the cubicle on the other side of Ophelia to Will. Linux is his operating system of choice, but since everyone else in the office uses either Windows or Mac he knows his way around those too.

[Loren Ipsum]


Loren Ipsum is a representative of the United States Government who is based in the office when they take on contracts for US Government work. Why the US Government outsources work to an Australian IT company is a mystery.

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