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The Stranger Things Cast

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Mike is eleven years old and lives in the early 1980s. He is the Dungeon Master of his group of gaming friends. He is thoughtful, brave, and devotedly loyal to his friends, willing to risk danger to come to their aid. His creativity as a Dungeon Master means he is good at coming up with non-mainstream ideas to explain the weird goings-on in his home town.



Dustin is a tech wiz, keen on science stuff. He may be the smartest one in his peer group. He likes to think he knows the most about playing Dungeons & Dragons, but his principles mean that he refuses to read the rulebooks, deferring knowledge of any and all things in the game to the Dungeon Master.



Lucas is pragmatic and sceptical about strange and paranormal stuff. Even within the Dungeons & Dragons game, his character will insist that anything apparently magical will have a rational explanation. The best way to convince him that something is out of the ordinary is to have it attack his face, at which point he'll bravely fight it off with his slingshot.



Will is Mike's best friend. He's a bit shy and reserved and sometimes indecisive. While the other boys are starting to show an interest in girls, Will finds the whole idea of girls yucky and covered in cooties. He plays a wizard in the Dungeons & Dragons party. If there's one thing you don't want in your party, it's an indecisive wizard.



Eleven (or "Elle" for short) is a girl.



Joyce is Will's mother.



Jim Hopper is the Chief of Police in Hawkins, the tiny mid-west American town where all these people live.

[The Demogorgon]

The Demogorgon

Good god, what is this thing??

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