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Irregular Podcast! #22

2012-03-23: Irregular Podcast! #22 - "Buzz Buzz" (1:10, 1.33 MB)


Ice cream, ice cream!
We all love ice cream
I call for ice cream

Buzz buzz
Buzz buzz

Eyeballs, eyeballs!
I need new eyeballs
Zam I will take yours

Buzz buzz
Buzz buzz

A tongue, a tongue!
My kingdom for a tongue
I'll take that of Qui-Gon

Buzz buzz
Buzz buzz

Your buzzing now annoys
It interrupts my scheduled hedonism!
Like the marmalade I hate
Begone you moth-like organism!

We can rule the galaxy
My metal and your glands
A future for us most divine
Cyborgs! Under! My! Command!


Tut tut
You bore me.


All instruments and singing by Evan Dean.
Engineered by Andrew Shellshear.
Lyrics by David Morgan-Mar.
Music by Evan Dean.

Programme Notes

This is yet another Darths & Droids song, with lyrics written by one of us, and with music again by the extra-talented Evan Dean of The People People.

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