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Poll Results

All Previous Polls: 701-750

Poll 701: Would you invite an exact copy of yourself to a party you were throwing? Would you accept?

Total votes: 836

I'd invite myself, and I'd accept! It'd be fun!: 406 (48.6%)
I wouldn't invite myself, and I wouldn't care - I'd go do something else instead!: 214 (25.6%)  
I'd invite myself out of politeness, but I wouldn't accept (it'd be awkward): 169 (20.2%)
I wouldn't invite myself (it'd be weird), but I'd be upset not to be invited: 47 (5.6%)

Poll 702: How adventurous are you with food?

Total votes: 770

I'll try new things when they look appetising, but not if it's weird: 238 (30.9%)  
I mostly stick with what I know, but try new things occasionally: 230 (29.9%)
I love trying new food! Will try most things, but I have limits.: 141 (18.3%)
I'm adventurous, I actively seek out new flavours and experiences: 69 (9.0%)
I always stick with meals I know and like: 44 (5.7%)
I stick with food made with familiar ingredients: 24 (3.1%)
I'll try ANYTHING! Bugs, eyeballs, you name it!: 24 (3.1%)

Poll 703: How often do you clean the crumbs out of your toaster?

Total votes: 900

I don't have a toaster: 211 (23.4%)
Wait, that's a thing people do?: 195 (21.7%)
Once or twice a year: 169 (18.8%)
Every few months: 112 (12.4%)
Every 2 or 3 years: 93 (10.3%)
Monthly: 56 (6.2%)
When the toaster catches fire: 38 (4.2%)
I just buy a new toaster every so often: 16 (1.8%)  
Weekly: 10 (1.1%)

Poll 704: Do you listen to the radio?

Total votes: 1025

I only listen to the radio in the car: 404 (39.4%)
I listen to the radio in places other than the car: 319 (31.1%)  
I own a radio but don't listen to it: 159 (15.5%)
I don't own a radio: 143 (14.0%)

Poll 705: When do you take your Christmas decorations down?

Total votes: 708

I don't have any: 191 (27.0%)
December 26 (Boxing Day): 2 (0.3%)
Some time before New Year: 45 (6.4%)
A day or two after New Year: 123 (17.4%)
The traditional end of the season, Twelfth Night (January 5 or 6): 192 (27.1%)  
I usually get round to it some time later in January: 109 (15.4%)
February or later!: 21 (3.0%)
Easter, specifically: 1 (0.1%)
The decorations stay up all year round: 24 (3.4%)

One person wrote in, "Typically sometime around the first weekend after New Year", and another wrote, "The traditional end of the season, Candlemas (February 2)".

I included Easter as an option because that was what my grandparents always did. The Christmas decorations would go up on Christmas Eve, no earlier, and stay up until Easter. They claimed it was traditional and the correct way to do it, and complained loudly that anyone who did differently was doing it wrong. They claimed this was the tradition in Germany, where they came from, however I've never heard of anyone else honouring this "tradition" before. So I have no idea where they really got it from.

Poll Results

Poll 706: Mint:

Total votes: 1312

A legitimate food flavour.: 1028 (78.4%)
Oh god no! Food should NOT taste like toothpaste!: 284 (21.6%)  

Poll 707: Are there any words that you habitually pronounce differently to most people around you?

Total votes: 711

Yes, but mainly because I'm not a native speaker of the local language/dialect: 43 (6.0%)  
No, pretty sure I pronounce everything "properly": 39 (5.5%)
Not that I know of, but it's possible: 226 (31.8%)
Yes, there's this one specific word I pronounce differently: 52 (7.3%)
Yes, there are a few words I can think of: 321 (45.1%)
Yes, lots of words: 30 (4.2%)

There's one word in particular that everyone pronounces differently to me: debauchery. I'd encountered it many times when reading, but the first time I ever heard someone say it I had no idea what the heck word they were trying to say.

They were saying some weird thing like "duh-BAWTCH-ery", when I knew it was actually pronounced "duh-BOUGH-kery".

I have since discovered that apparently everybody except me also pronounces this word wrong!

Poll 708: You're being sent to 1890 London for a five year time mission. You'll have one of the first homes with electric lighting. You need to look after yourself without revealing you're from the future. You can take one of these appliances, which do you choose?

Total votes: 721

Refrigerator: 344 (47.7%)
Washing machine: 121 (16.8%)
CD player + 20 CDs: 56 (7.8%)
Electric hotplate: 50 (6.9%)
Microwave oven: 39 (5.4%)
Electric kettle: 22 (3.1%)
Dishwasher: 18 (2.5%)
Toaster: 17 (2.4%)
Electric clock: 16 (2.2%)
Sandwich press: 13 (1.8%)
Espresso machine: 8 (1.1%)
Electric toothbrush: 7 (1.0%)  
Vacuum cleaner: 7 (1.0%)
Food processor: 3 (0.4%)

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