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Poll Results

Poll 435: Which of the following best defines art? (There is no "other" - pick the option that you think best fits.)

Total votes: 3666

Anything the viewer/experiencer describes as "art": 959 (26.2%)
Something created TO evoke an emotional response: 519 (14.2%)
Something created that DOES evoke an emotional response: 503 (13.7%)
Something created that IS aesthetically pleasing: 367 (10.0%)
What artists do: 241 (6.6%)
Something created TO BE aesthetically pleasing: 236 (6.4%)
Anything the creator describes as "art": 236 (6.4%)
Something that represents something else, real or abstract: 187 (5.1%)
Something designed to make you think about its own nature: 184 (5.0%)
Something ornamental, but which may also have practical use: 119 (3.2%)  
Something used ONLY for ornamental/aesthetic value: 61 (1.7%)
What gets put in art galleries: 30 (0.8%)
Something designed to be different from anything done before: 24 (0.7%)

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