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Queen of Wands Tribute - 25 February, 2005

Queen of Wands ended on 23 February, 2005. Something Positive posted a tribute strip. Then Checkerboard Nightmare did too. And now I am. This strip originally appeared on Irregular Webcomic! on 25 February, 2005. I couldn't fit it into my regular scheduled run, so I posted it as a news item - which means it's not in the standard strip archives, so I've created this page for it.

The "Curse you Milholland" line is of course referring to Randy Milholland's surprising and shocking use of the character Kestrel in the background of Something Positive, which caused a spate of comment in the webcomics community, of course followed up by another spate when Checkerboard Nightmare did its response. Not to be outdone, this strip generated its own commentary. And the "tasty biscuit" line is in reference to Websnark, the one making all these comments.

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