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<   No. 1014   2005-11-05   >

Comic #1014

1 Marcus: My brother Spencus and I are thinking of starting a package tour service for people travelling between the eastern and western provinces.
2 Julius: That can't be profitable! You won't get large groups of people travelling long distances like that.
3 Marcus: You're forgetting the time that Britannian football team went to play against the Achaean colonies.
4 Julius: Remind me?
4 Marcus: All Leeds roamed to Rhodes.

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Fans of the Leeds United Football Club will follow their team anywhere. Even as far as Achaea Province and its colony of Rhodes, in present day Greece, and roughly 2,000 years before the club was even founded!

2015-01-24 Rerun commentary: Tourism wasn't such a big industry for much of history. While there certainly were travellers who wandered far and wide across the ancient world just to see what things were like in other places, this was rather exceptional, and most people pretty much stayed close to where they were born. The best opportunity most people would have had for travel would be to join an army, or perhaps a merchant vessel, though the duties might have precluded much in the way of leisurely sightseeing. Going on a crusade or a pilgrimage would have been another way to see distant parts of the world.

Tourism, then, has essentially been on a monotonic increase for all of human history. Give it another few hundred years or so, and everyone will constantly be travelling and never staying at home!

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