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<   No. 1046   2005-12-07   >

Comic #1046

1 Monty: We have to catch Dr Smith and get the orichalcum!
2 Ginny: Stop right there! Just what do you zinc you are going to do anyway, even if you catch me?
3 Monty: We'll call a copper!
3 Ginny: In Kiev? He will arrest the Russian? Or the American spies?
4 Prof. Jones: You have to admit, she has some brass...

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This is the result of the caption competition I ran a few weeks before this strip appeared. To be honest, I set it up as a caption contest because I was stumped for what joke I could work into this point of the plot. It seems it was a particularly difficult ask, because I received far fewer entries than for the other captioning contests I've run.

The result is actually a blend of two entries. The main gist of the joke is the metal puns, supplied by Kunnagh Scott, but I rewove them with a plot element of questioning whether a policeman in Kiev would rather arrest Dr Smith or the Joneses, supplied by Peter Murray. Interestingly, both these chaps live in the UK.

For the record, orichalcum is sometimes described as being a type of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc.

My next top pick for a joke also came from the UK, from Phil Neil:

1 Prof. Jones: Spot of tea after this search?
2 All: {various expressions of surprise}
3 {silence}
4 Prof. Jones: Hurrah! So, about that tea...
And then this fourth-wall-breaker from Jonathon Staite in New Zealand:
1 Ginny: Dr Jones?
1 Monty: Dr Smith?
2 Ginny: Dr Jones!
2 Monty: Dr Smith!
2 Prof. Jones: Dr Smith?
3 Monty: Dr Smith!
3 Ginny: Dr Jones!
4 Prof. Jones: I have a feeling this script's been doctored...
There were a few other entries that have funny lines in them, but I'm going to save them up and possibly recycle them later on...

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition!

2015-03-03 Rerun commentary: I still haven't adopted the effective running poses for minifigs yet. Readers wrote soon after that previous strip was published with the suggestion for the way to do it, but by that time I'd already made this strip and it was queued up in the buffer. So the Joneses look to be chasing in a rather relaxed manner here.

Which could just be the way they chase, though, given Professor Jones and Schliemannian Chair Jones's casual attitudes to everything.

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