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The Cliffhangers Cast

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  • Monty Jones and the Ark of the Covenant: 24 to 46
  • Monty Jones and the Holy Grail: 63 to 133
  • Monty Jones and the Mayan Codices: 149 to 239
  • Monty Jones and the Spear of Longinus: 241 to 328
  • Monty Jones and the Lost World: 365 to 583
  • Monty Jones and the Secret of Atlantis: 586 to 1208
  • Monty Jones and the Cross of Coronado: 1215 to 1314
  • Monty Jones and the Palladium of Troy: 1323 to 2086
  • Monty Jones and the End of Time: 2093 to 2198
  • Monty Jones and the Greek Underworld: 2200 to 2321
  • Monty Jones and the Aegis of Athena: 2326 to 2773
  • Monty Jones and the Golden Fleece: 2782 to 3021
  • Monty Jones and the Egg of Koschei: 3031 to 3180
  • Monty Jones and the Castle of King Arthur: 3390 to ??

[Dr Montana Jones]

Dr Montana "Monty" Jones

Dr Jones is an archaeology lecturer at a respected New England university. That is, when he's not off globetrotting in search of priceless quasi-religious artefacts, battling Nazis, and generally getting into trouble. He's the sort of person who gets an overlay of a world map with a red dotted line across it whenever he travels anywhere.

[Colonel Haken]

Colonel Haken

Colonel Haken has a hook for a hand, a scar on his face, an evilly waxed moustache, and wears a monocle. Oh, and he's a Nazi. Really, what more needs to be said? (Hint: He's a bad guy.)

[Prof. North Dakota Jones]

Prof. North Dakota Jones

Professor Jones is the father of Dr Montana Jones. He has dedicated his life to researching the Holy Grail, with the ultimate aim of finding it. His son disapproves of this obsession: Monty fies on the Holy Grail.

[Hitler's Brain]

Hitler's Brain

Adolf Hitler has suffered a tragic accident, but thanks to the miracles of Nazi superscience, his brain has been preserved alive in a jar! He's a megalomaniacal dictator intent on conquering the world and establishing a race of Aryan Übermensch. He's also obsessed with the occult. Being confined to a glass jar doesn't seem to have affected his ambitions.



Erwin is a Nazi lackey and Colonel Haken's left-hand man. (He'd be a right-hand man, but Haken's hook is on the left, so he needs a left hand more.) As such, he follows orders and restricts his individual thoughts to making scathing social commentaries on Nazi policies.



Sallah is Monty's generic Middle Eastern friend. He travels the world doing all those annoying little tasks - like making hotel reservations, hiring cars, and feeding the camels - that make archaeology so tiresome sometimes. He always seems to vanish just when Monty really needs help though, and shows up later to rescue him.

[Schliemannian Chair of Archaeology Minnesota Jones]

Schliemannian Chair of Archaeology Minnesota Jones

Minnesota Jones is the father of Prof. North Dakota Jones and the grandfather of Dr Montana Jones. He is the current holder of the Schliemannian Chair of Archaeology at Oxford University. On sabbatical for the past few years, he has been busy exploring the world and looking for traces of dinosaurs.

[Dr Ginny Smith]

Dr Ginny Smith

Dr Ginny Smith is an archaeologist, well known in fringe archaeology circles for her eloquent papers on Atlantis. Monty and Prof. Jones first came across her in a prison cell in Berlin, where Prof. Jones was impressed by her credentials, but Monty was unimpressed by her decision to help the Nazis uncover the secrets of the lost continent.

[Pope Pius XI]

Pope Pius XI

Pope Pius XI is the Pope from 1922 and throughout most of the 1930s. He lives in the Vatican in Rome, where the Catholic Church hides many ancient archaeological and religious treasures. His resemblance to any earlier or later Popes is purely coincidental.

[Emily Dearheart]

Emily Dearheart

Emily Dearheart is a pilot with a no-nonsense attitude. She insists on being addressed as Ms, not Miss.

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