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<   No. 1076   2006-01-06   >

Comic #1076

1 {scene: the grimy starport docking bay}
1 Spanners: Okay. The hypervac says we've picked up some human skin flakes.
2 Spanners: Along with warp engine grease, rocket exhaust particulates, random dust and lint, space roaches, a slice of pizza, three flavours of gum...
3 Spanners: ... some dried phlegm, antimatter coolant, traces of chimpanzee faeces, grav transmission fluid, sparrial fur, and various unidentifiable bits of random grime.
4 Iki Piki: Man. When we clone Paris she's going to need to shower for a week.

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I'm not exactly sure how antimatter coolant works, but it sounds high-tech.

Actually, I could say the same thing about grav transmission fluid.

2015-04-07 Rerun commentary: I wonder what sort of pizza it is.

I presume in the distant future there will still be pizza. Of course there will still be roaches.

Imagine if a cockroach managed to sneak its way on board one of the Apollo missions. Given how hard it is to kill the things, there could be billions of them on the moon by now.

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