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<   No. 1081   2006-01-11   >

Comic #1081

1 Serron: {checking the ship's computer} Hmmm, what's this e-mail?
2 Serron: A cyberspace software patch? Sitting around uninstalled, too.
3 Serron: Doesn't anyone but me do any real work around here?! I guess it's up to me to install it.
4 Paris: {in cyberspace, vanishing from the feet up} What the... Hey!!

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It's been exactly a year since Paris was killed.

When I did it, I wondered how long I could keep her dead and keep producing jokes out of the situation. I never thought it would last this long.

So I thought I should do something special for the anniversary. I considered having the clone made and her personality restored using the inadvertently saved digital personality data stored in cyberspace...

And then I thought: Naaah... Let's make the situation worse.

2015-04-13 Rerun commentary: There are no situations that can't be made more interesting by making them worse. In fiction anyway. (Actually, in reality too, if you adopt the Chinese curse definition of "interesting".)

One suspects you really don't want Serron as your go-to IT support person. As diligent as he is here.

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