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<   No. 111   2003-05-15   >

Comic #111

1 Paris: {realising she's made of LEGO again} Oh man! Are we stuck in cyberspace again?
1 Spanners: Looks like.
2 Spanners: Well, we better get moving and see if we can find our way out of here.
2 Paris: Virtual reality sucks!
3 GM: {totally enthused} Oh, c'mon! Virtual reality is where all the most brilliantly cool stuff happens!
4 Paris: The sad part is he doesn't even see The Matrix Reloaded until tomorrow...

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2012-03-07 Rerun commentary: Actually, I've still not seen The Matrix Reloaded. I'm too well aware of its reputation.

Which was part of the original joke in this strip. Here I was getting all excited about seeing The Matrix Reloaded tomorrow, not realising what a poor movie it was.

The game book here is Transhuman Space: Fifth Wave by Steve Jackson Games. This is part of the Transhuman Space setting, a future world in which humanity has transcended the bounds of our organic bodies and bioengineering has produced myriad marvellous new living beings. It's mind-bending and a strange world to imagine being in. Yet it's set a mere 88 years away, in 2100.

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