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<   No. 1111   2006-02-10   >

Comic #1111

1 {scene: In the tavern in the town of Footcrag.}
1 Barkeep: Aren't you the hobbit who was in here last night and...
1 Kyros: No, no, no...
2 Kyros: You are mistaken, my good man. All hobbits look alike to us humans.
3 Barkeep: Say... aren't you the fire wizard who...
3 Kyros: Um...
4 Kyros: Yeah, what if I am? Want to make something of it?
4 Mordekai: Subtle. Alvissa will approve.

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I got all the way to finishing this comic without Mordekai's final line in there. Then I read it again and realised that Kyros' last line was very weak as a joke. So I quickly wrote Mordekai's line to kick it up a notch. Bam!

2015-05-22 Rerun commentary: I constantly feel like Kyros should be saying something like, "Nice tavern you got here. Be a shame if somethink were to happen to it..."

I reckon fire wizards would make great protection racketeers. In fact, that's very likely the most lucrative career option for your aspiring fire wizard. Safer than going on adventures and battling monsters, and brings in the dough a lot more than sitting in a crufty old tower researching ways to summon demons and turn yourself into a lich and stuff like that.

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